Photometics was founded in 2009 with the goal of applying recent innovations in infrared laser technology to cancer therapeutics. The founders, Brian Pierce, a scientist with a career in biophotonics, and Larry Zulch, an entrepreneur who built successful companies in multiple markets, collaborated on a vision of developing the Photometics ScanStar, a medical device designed to improve on current cancer therapies.

Photometics, Inc. is based in Seattle, WA and the company conducts research, including breakthrough work in triggering apoptosis in preclinical studies, and has developed the Photometics ScanStar. The company has initiated a Phase 1 human clinical trial in the Department of Dermatology at the UC Davis Medical Center.

Photometics’ vision is to advance cancer therapeutics through the use of innovative light‐based technologies. A cancer therapy that disrupts cancer cells without drugs or chemicals, and without affecting healthy tissue, will be a true breakthrough improving a great many human lives.


Larry Zulch, Board of Directors Member, is a technology executive with broad experience in both information and medical technology. Zulch was co-founder and CEO of Dantz Development Corporation, which received venture funding and was ultimately acquired by EMC Corporation, for whom he worked as vice president and officer. He has or is serving on the boards of directors of PLC Diagnostics, FreeRange Communications (Chairman), Wildpackets, NeoLogic, and LESCO.